Just Got Shaved Today

Today I shaved off my beard.

I don’t know why I grew it in the first place.  Probably like when I had long hair I did it out of laziness.  In years before it would hit a certain point and my mind would start screaming “Gedidoff!  Gedidoff!” and I’d go get it off.

Not this winter.  This time it stayed on for months.  Even trimmed it once.

I liked having it around.  Not all the time.  Sometimes it felt weird or wrong, but usually that passed.  Usually I liked it quite a bit.

Today I shaved off my beard.

This I did for a reason.  Summer was coming and I’d never lived with a beard in the summer.  Didn’t seem right.  Seemed hot, actually.

The amusing part was last week we finally got the air conditioner fixed, so we aren’t suffering from the heat as much as in previous summers.  I’d have felt it only when I went outside.

On the flip side of that,  the out-of-doors and I are having a trial relationship type thing.  Walking.  Biking.  That sort of fun stuff.  So shaved probably would be the way to go, anyways.

The first pass, as the white hairs (!) fell, I had a sudden thought:  “Man, why did you do that?”

I dunno.  Because I wanted to?

It was a relatively painless experience.  The rest of the summer I intend to keep it close shaven.  When November hits (or maybe October), I intend to grow it out again.

But today?  Today I shaved off my first full beard.

God do I look odd now.


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