State of the Writer Post #1678

That last post… I almost just left I blank.  Then I thought of putting that picture of “Link” shrugging… Laughed so hard.

No one else did, I’m sure.  But I appreciated it.

Maybe not in a few years, but anyway.

In terms of writing (outside the blogs) this has been a rather productive year so far.  Since NaNoWriMo (which, amid fragments of a longer novel that probably won’t be, produced a decent sized short story) I have written three short stories.  None are very long, and one can be seen right here.

That’s at least one a month.  Not impressive by a professional writer’s standard, but me?  I’LL TAKE IT!

This might not be the best year of my life.  I’ve already had one bad life altering thing happen already and the future all but guarantees more.   However if losing this damn “writer’s block” I’ve had over me for decades, then I’ll might not be happy, but at least on the way there.


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