Speaking of Wonder Girl Meeting an Untimely Fate…

Teen Titans 027 000

I’m making two basic assumptions here.  First I’m assuming that the entire Teen Titan crew are all out on the moon, doing whatever it is Teen Titans do.  Not homework, that’s for sure.

Second, that the blond kid is Green Dingbat’s side kick Speedy.  The other two are no doubt Robin and Kid Flash (though Aqualad isn’t completely out of the question.)  They don’t matter for the following blog post.


I am also in no way, shape, or form considering the story contained behind this cover.  Just the cover itself.

The following thoughts occur:

Why are the Teen Titan’s on the moon?  It can’t be in the line of duty, otherwise Speedy’s crack doesn’t make sense.  They’d be concerned that Super Villain X has here.

So they’re out on a pleasure cruise to the moon.  Not the strangest thing I’ve encountered reading comics.

That said, Speedy’s a fricking moron.  “What kind of trouble could she get on the moon?”  Dude!  You’re in space!  No air!  No atmosphere!  That’s the whole reason you’re in the damn space suit.

I bet you he has his arrows in his suit with him.  Not in a quiver.  Just in the suit.  Sharp enough to rip the fabric.

Robin watched him do it.  He watched him and didn’t say a word.  Just shook his head once in disbelief.

You better believe Robin doesn’t have anything sharp near him.

Then there’s that fetching space suit Wonder Girl’s got on.  It doesn’t even remotely look the same as the guys’.  Like someone special ordered the thing for her.

It’s like the Teen Titans couldn’t even go one minute without seeing every inch of that poor girl’s body.  To put insult on injury, now she’s getting dragged off by some glowing monster in high heel shoes.  And no one’s going to come save her.

Because what could have happened to her on the moon?

This sort of crap would never happen to Wonder Woman…


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