The Screamer at the Other Side of the Screen

So I’ve come up with a GREAT header for the site.  Simple awesome.  And basic.  You don’t get much more basic than this.  But whatever.

I head into the WordPress customizer and it recommended for the Lovecraft theme I was currently using,  I need a 1280×444 image.  Peachy.  I format my header and it cuts off my header.  No matter what I do, I lose part of my header.

Fine.  I figure I’ll run a test header, see what’s what.  Black background, 5 pixel red boarder around the edge.  I load it up and do you know what I found?

The damn theme cuts off the top and bottom of the image by at least, AT LEAST 10 PIXELS.

So their recommended size of 1280X444 really should be 1280X434.  ASSUMING THAT’S ALL THE FECKING THEME CUTS.

The left eye, it twitches so.

Imma thinking of switching themes.  Or free webhosting of the blog.

Or maybe burning the world away WITH MY AWESOME WRATH!

Stop laughing.  I totally could do that.



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