Not Depicted is How Speedy and Wonder Girl Were Left to Burn Alive in the Fire

I’ve done a lot of kidding with DC covers, and no doubt will do some more in the near future.  But here’s a cover I found that I rather liked:

Brave and the Bold 054 000

The lunatic in the whirlwind is a no-starter, obviously.  Judging by the staff alone his origin story probably is an embarrassment before God and man.  His sartorial sense in general is, that’s for sure.  Some people can make goofy threatening; this guy ain’t one of them.

Even the heroics are a little bare basics, compared to some of the blood and thunder that went on over at Marvel.  Still, everyday heroic is still heroic.

Moving further to the positive, I really like the (no doubt unintended) visual joke of Kid Flash, fastest kid alive, dragging his feet here.

But what seals it for me is the expression on Robin’s face.  Look at it:

Brave and the Bold 054 001

This isn’t anything more than Tuesday for Robin.  Fire storm Smire storm.  If your face isn’t caked in clown paint, he doesn’t give a toss.

I haven’t read the story this covers depicts, but I like to believe that it consists of the following moments:  Robin getting his friends to safety; the villain laughing maniacally; followed immediately with said villain knocked out mid laugh by a single simple punch by Robin; and as the villain lies on the ground unconscious and with a broken jaw, Robin walking back to tend his friends’ wounds.  All drawn with the above expression on Robin’s face.

Never thought of Robin as bad ass until this cover.

And, heh heh, they list him last in the title.  After Aqua Lad.

Boy Wonder needs a better agent.


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