And Then This Happened

Bus Crash 000

That, friends and gentle readers, is a bus.  It isn’t just in the yard.  It’s in the living room.

The tree’s blocking the shot, but trust me.  It’s there.

Not my house, I hasten to add.  Just down the block from me.

The impact was a loud rumble that shook my place.  It must have been much worse up close.

The owner (or one of the residents) had gone into the kitchen when it happened.  Lucky her.  Unfortunately, on top of the damage (during a winter storm no less) her six cats escaped through the opening.

No real word on what happened.  Some reports say the driver had some sort of attack.  No word on how the driver’s doing; it sounds like the two passengers on board came out of things okay.

Hopefully that’s the full extent of things.

So if you’re thinking you’re having a bad day, just consider this: you could be have a bus end up in your living room.

Of course, I don’t know how bad your day was…


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