I Don’t Wanna Say I Play A Lot Of Minecraft…. But…

Minecraft 000

Above is a “selfie” of my little character dude from the game Minecraft.  Behind him is the town of Owlcraft.  I built every single structure you see.

But wait!  There’s more!

Hidden from view by the hill I’m standing on are more buildings, including a stable that houses two mounts I caught and tamed myself.  Also hidden from view within the village proper are several citizens, descendants of two people I saved from Zombification.  There was a third, but he didn’t make it.

In the hill I’m standing on is a massive shaft, which will potentially in time lead to a self made mine at some point.  In the shaft is a door connected to a series of caves.  One grouping of caves leads to an actual made-by-the-game mine.  Another leads to beneath the small hill just outside of Owlcraft (towards the center of the page).  I’m not going to tell you I explored ever inch of the place, but it’s well-lit by this point.

Also in the shaft is a portal to the Nether (for the non player think Hell.)  I’ve done a wee bit of an explore there, found a fortress found and dallied within.  No biggie.

Beyond this picture is an extremely large world.  I’m thinking I’ve got four maps covering maybe half of it.  Several villages found.

I don’t wanna say I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft… mainly because a lot doesn’t quite sound expansive enough…


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