In Which Onknee Spambot Worries Too Much About Something He Shouldn’t Be At All Worried About

Onknee SpambotOn November 11 I received a little bit of spam in my email.

Now, with spam e-mail, I never read what’s being sent me.  While I find them deeply entertaining here on site, I’m paranoid about viruses, as I have a nasty habit of picking them up without trying.  So I delete as soon as I get them.

Am I wise or am I wise?

This one, though, I’ve kept.  I kept it because I was in the middle of NaNoWriMo and had no real time for extra writing, yet I felt the need to at the very least record this particular entry in Onknee Spambot’s long, futile war against me.

There was no name on the sender, which is apt as how many of these things are sent by actual people?  The title, though, reads as follows:

Imagine how it is to have your donger twice firmer: Not order solution of realizing it!

I think I know what’s trying to be said here.  And I think you, reader of mine, know it too.  Let’s both resolve to not considerer it any more than that.


What kills me is that last bit.  I think it’s saying that I can achieves the previous bit by not actually doing anything about the spam.

It’s sort of like the dating advice spam I got four years ago.  Just shorter.

And not nearly as coherent.

Or entertaining.


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