Random Thoughts on Dungeons and Dragons and the Like

I had a lot to do with Dungeons and Dragons back in my fabled, long lost youth, back long before I became the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.  I’ve also dabbled in the game every now and again since.  And, as it is sometimes wont to happen, questions sometimes come to me about the milieu.

For instance the following:

typical fantasy dwarfDwarves are known for using axes as weapons.  When you encounter them in video games they are often armed with them.  In Lord of the Rings, the main Dwarf there offers up his axe (and presumably the rest of his person).  It’s damn near a stereotype, is what it is.

The question is, why?  Outside the fact Tolkien put the weapon in one of his character’s hands, why is the axe linked to Dwarves?

This is a Fantasy race primarily known for two things: Mining and Metal work.  Neither profession needs an axe in hand.  Wouldn’t a War hammer make more sense?  Or a mining pick?

Here’s another thought: Elves with swords.  Metallurgy has never been a part of their lore.  Why do they use long blades of metal?  Oh sure, they could have bought the things from one of the other races.  But wouldn’t it make more sense they’d be exclusive to the more prevalent wooden weapons?

Just some stray thoughts…


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