Casino Trip a Go Go

So Brother Todd and Brother Todd’s Friend Mitch went out to a Casino yesterday.  I tagged along, as I had never been to any Casino before, much less the one (near) my city.  I don’t get out much and I figure that needs to change if I have a hope of meeting the Future Ex Mrs. Cullen Waters.  Or going on a date.  Whichever comes first.

Our choice in times was the middle of the day, which proved less than ideal for courtship.  It did prove quite ideal for losing money, as Mitch lost a good share of Todd’s money for him.  In Mitch’s defense, he did win a great deal of money for Todd and for a mutual friend on other trips.  We all have off days, after all.

Except for me, of course.  I had a grand old-time watching other people lose money for a change.

We were there for maybe an hour or so.  I came away with a few observations.

Observation #1: The slot machine room reminds me of the video game arcades of my youth.  Filled with glowing screens.  The only real difference is that there’s not a game in the room I wanted to play.

Having never played slots before, I thought about digging out a few coins.  Todd, being a good brother, gave me a few dollars to burn.  Which would have been just as entertaining as putting them in a slot machine.

I have played.  I need not do it again.

Observation #2: Despite being basically the same game over and again, slot machines have a variety of styles and names.  One even had the name Icarus, which me thinks was a bit off-putting.

I did not play.

Among the machines I saw at the casino were slots dedicated to characters such as the Phantom, Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter, natch), Batman and Robin (Adam West and Burt Ward, also natch), as well as Willie Wonka of the Chocolate Factory fame (Gene Wilder, natch yet again).  I wondered for a moment if the actors pictured on the machines got a part of the royalties, what with their images being used on the machines and all.  Then I decided it was more likely than not.

Very odd seeing them there, but sort of reassuring.  After a fashion.

Observation #3: Horse racing tracks are huge.  I had no idea.  None.  Probably should have, but they seemed so much smaller on the TV.

Sort of sorry I wasn’t there for the races.  Oh well.  Maybe one day.

Observation #4:  Back in the Good Ole Days (meaning 2 whole years ago), PlayStation had a virtual Casino that I attended daily.  The one game there I always played was Black Jack.  I like to kid myself I was good at it.

Black Jack was what Mitch played on our visits, and watching him I came to a very firm conclusion: I should never go to the Casino with money.  In fact, I spent a sizeable chunk of time wanting to grab Todd shoulder and shouting in a shrill voice, “Gimme chips, I play!”

Something that no doubt would have played well with the Future Ex Mrs. Cullen Waters.

Has she been there.

Anyways, we had a fun time there.  I’d might go again.

But not with money.

Or hopes of meeting Ms. Might Be.


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