In Fact, Despite the Dearth in Postings Here On Site, I Think I Might Be a Bigger Gamera Fan Than Power Girl Fan. Which Staggers the Mind, All Things Considered

I can’t believe I never mentioned this movie’s potential existence.

I can’t believe how rarely Gamera gets mentioned on this site.

The same thing goes for Rodan.  Surely I’ve talked about my love for Rodan more than that.


The trailer I posted the other day has been pulled at least once.  I’ve dug up a second video, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Bigger news is that what’s shown is but a smaller part of a larger video.  One that might pop up later next week.

If so, Mr. Waters will be gleefully watching it too.  And sharing it here, natch.

Until then, here’s a video to demonstrate a small portion of my glee, using completely inappropriate Kaiju to do so:

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve read in other places that this isn’t the actual trailer, that it’s sort of a proof of concept video.  Whether this is true or not, here’s to hoping for more Kaiju fun in the near future.


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