When In Doubt, Post Images of Power Girl

All Star Comics No 58 000 - Power Girls First Cover

Okay, here’s the deal.

On my roaming of the web, I happened upon someone discussing the following issues.  And suddenly I realize that, of all the images of Power Girl I have on this site, the one I’m missing is that of her first appearance.  Right up there.

So I want that, right?  And maybe the next one too.  No real reason for it.  Fortunately the article that has the above image has the next one, so I capture it quite quick.  And, being a Power Girl fan (after a fashion) I notice right away a certain something about the next image:

All Star Comics No 59 000 - Power Girls Second Cover

As a rule, comic covers depict their heroes in dire straights.  This is really no different (or worse) than a hundred other such covers.  Though it did set the teeth on edge a little.  Her second appearance, and already Power Girl’s a damsel in distress?  Her fan (kind of) doth protest.

So when I started this post (which frankly only here to justify putting up the images) I was going to say something about how undignified this was, make some snark about only female character on the team being put into a position of peril, maybe even off setting that by pointing out the Flash here getting knocked to kingdom come.

Then I noticed the shading job done on Power Girl.

Specifically around the boobs.

I’m not a great artist.  Not by any stretch.  And this picture beats out almost all of my work.  I freely admit it.

That said, I’m certain that the underside of her boobs shouldn’t be shaded.

Not certain how I would have drawn this myself (anatomically incorrect, no doubt) but once you’ve seen it…

Anyway.  That’s the excuse for posting these two pictures.  Tomorrow (or there about) we’ll see what other excuses I can come with to post a picture of Power Girl.

Not that I’ve ever needed one before, mind.  I just rather this blog had some of my words in it.  And not completely be devoted to snarking about some else’s work.


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