Rematch of the Kings: A Possible King Kong v. Godzilla Remake

The news comes from this source, and, frankly, it doesn’t surprise me.  People were mooting the possibility from the moment Legendary mentioned its Kong Movie, Kong: Skull Island.

The interesting part of the subject is this line, emphasis mine:

It’s said that things are happening “very quickly,” with the deal stretching all the way to Japan, and Godzilla rights-holder Toho.

This almost sounds like Toho might be doing their own film.  Which begs the question: will we finally get (after a fashion0 the legendary duo endings the original King Kong v. Godzilla allegedly had?  Or will we have two flicks with Kong getting his butt handed to him?

What would be funny, assuming this idle speculation of mine came true (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t; I’m no doubt reading too much into this), if the US film had Godzilla win while the Japanese version has Kong winning?  Just the reverse of the way it was supposed to have happened back in the day.

Whatever happens, fun times for a Godzilla fan.  Only way it could be better is if the King finally got his match with the alleged friend to children everywhere…


3 Replies to “Rematch of the Kings: A Possible King Kong v. Godzilla Remake”

  1. Actually, this is pretty interesting to me. I particularly enjoyed the representation of the “natives” on “Skull Island” in the Jack Black version of “King Kong”. I felt that it truly illustrated the psychological damage that would be experienced by a group of superstitious tribal members, after having lived with huge monsters, in their claustrophobic environment. This is probably a good illustration of what happened to the (far more) advanced civilization that originally built the “wall”. They probably de-evolved and became the voodoo-like tribe that thought it best to start up the human sacrifices. Maybe it’s an analogy of our current society, when being faced by the (“monstrous”) Internet. Maybe, we’ll also be reduced to a babbling, superstitious tribe, when the web catches up with our “moral fiber” (like the Romans). Anyway, I’ll be awaiting to see just how all of this is presented 🙂

    1. Reading about some people’s behavior on the Internet and how they handle Twitter, I’m thinking the Internet King Kong would have had a hundred versions of Fay Wray come and gone by now with no signs of biplanes on the horizon…

  2. Or, perhaps, more than a few links to Fay Wray’s “Nude Photos”, that will attempt to place a “cookie” on your browser (and not the “chocolate chip” kind, I might add). As far as the way some folks behave on the Internet (and “Twitter”), I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of them (at least) winning a “free vacation” to “Skull Island” by way of their patronage to their favorite porno site. See:

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