Can’t… Breath… Haven’t Had… Power Girl Post… Since February…

Power Girl Wonder Woman Convergance

Gasp!  Ah!  That’s better.

Actually, that is better.  That particular Power Girl costume is my preferred Power Girl costume, and on the odd times I draw her (don’t go there) it’s the one I use.  The boob window is, frankly, ridamndiculous.

(So’s the costume they got poor Wonder Woman in, but that’s beside the point.)

I’m also partial to the hair cut.  Sort of suits her.  Though long hair in combat situations ain’t the wisest course.

Back to the original topic: This particular comic, however, displays an even better costume variant than this.  A panel, slightly modified to (from my perspective) show off Power Girl better:

Power Girl Convergance

No plunging neckline, no cleavage, and no absurd boob window.  A better look for her, I think.


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