There Might Be More… Scattered Across the Wilderness…

So I check my mail today and find the following (clicking on the image will make it more readable, promise):

Tumbl tumbler

And my first reaction is: “The wha?”

Then I remember.  I have a Tumblr account.  Not only did I blog about it, but I tweeted the news as well.


Forgot about that.

And I have something called Typeface, too, according to the blog.


Wonder how many forgotten blogs I have, lurking in the darkness, plotting revenge for being abandoned.

Gives me the shivers, it does.

Which reminds me.  Next week (hope against hope) we’ll have a new (that’s right, NEW) review up at Welltun Cares Reviews.  Or rather started, as we’re still trying to do the series thing.


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