Okay, for those who keep track of these sort of things, namely me, the main page of the sister site Welltun Cares Reviews looked like this:

WCR before may 12

It had since March 1 or so.  So a whole month without fiddling with it, good on me.

Except yesterday I thought of a better, cleaner way of presenting the main page.  Thus:

WCR after may 12

Instead of four or so tables getting the HTML all over the place, there is only one (on the right side.  Where the posters are.)  The images on the left side are in their own div box and consist simply of their proper HTML links, with some borders added in.

I’m not sure I can explain that last paragraph, so for God’s sake don’t ask.

This looks nice and simple and should hold me for the foreseeable future.  About the only change I can think of is ditching a div box.  There’s two and I think I can do with half that.

Again, don’t ask me what I’m talking about.  It’s Chinatown.  I mean HTML.  so it’ll hurt my head to explain.  Almost as bad as it did doing it.

Anyways.  Change.  Next change: a return to updating the site.


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