Memo to Self: Gerald Kersh and Men Without Bones

One of the glories of owning a Kindle (and I presume owning a Nook and other such devices) is the access I have to a greater world of books.  Far greater than that given me by any bookstore.  I’ve read Cornell Woolrich, Fredrick Brown, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, Henry Kuttner, names who don’t often pop up in the Science Fiction or Horror sections (at least not during my busiest times frequenting the section), but who have a definite impact not just on the Speculative genres but on fiction itself.

Today I introduced myself to Gerald Kersh.

You’ve heard the expression “big in Japan?”  Well Gerald Kersh is an American writer who’s big in England.  He wrote a novel called Night and the City that became the basis of a couple of films, but where I’m learning about him is his Speculative work.  I’ve finished exactly one story and I want to read more.

Unfortunately cash is short at this juncture.  And as my memory sometimes does weird things, I figured I’d make this note in the hopes a.) writing all this will make the name Gerald Kersh linger a bit better or, failing that b.) I might stumble over this note in the years to come and go, “Oh yeah!  Gerald Kersh!”

This has worked before.  Both letters.

Though there is a good chance that I might not forget, due to his Men Without Bones.  The one story I mentioned earlier

Basically, it’s about these two explorers in the jungle who discover the titular group.  It’s not staggeringly original in concept; it’s the execution where Gerald Kersh nails it.  I finished it and went, “My God, why haven’t I heard of Gerald Kersh before now?”

Now, if for some reason this description makes you curious to read more, you can.  The story’s a part of a collection of Gerald Kersh stories called, surprise surprise, Men Without Bones

I think it’s worth looking at.  I know I enjoyed it.

Any ways, one last time: Gerald Kersh.

There.  Hopefully I can remember his name the same way I can remember… the guy who wrote Night has a Thousand Eyes, and the other guy…  the Come and Go Mad guy.

God, I could have told you a moment ago.  Why am I thinking of Monster Club and Graveyard Rats?  There’s some connection there… I dunno…

Man, that’s going to drive me nuts until I remember it…



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