Right here! A study of the bones brings the Brontosaurus out of the shadow of the dread Apatosaurus.  It is indeed its own dinosaur

So screw you, Apatosaurus!  Screw you until you die!


4 thoughts on “The Most Vital Discovery of 2015 Has Arrived! BRONTOSAURUS IS A FREAKING DINOSAUR AGAIN! WOO-HOO!

    1. I love dinosaurs. Flat out love them.

      Oh, so you know (and I just found out) two links in your comments causes WordPress to look at your post in askance. I caught it this time (yesterday’s post has me a little ansty about comments), but if it happens again, make sure to holler. I don’t get enough response for my free host to eat it.

      1. Really? I just connected to both of them from this site, perfectly. Anyway, dinosaurs were my “thing” when I was a kid (back in the 60s). I never though my bomb threats would have much of an effect on those who designate dinosaur species. It just goes to show, persistence pays off (so does C-4).

        1. I mean WordPress put you’re original comment in moderation. Forgive me for being unclear; I’m still recovering from being sickish this weekend.

          Once upon a time, I could rattle off dinosaur names like nobody’s business. Now I don’t recognize half of them. Times change. But at least Bronto is back where he belongs.

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