A Brief Personal History of a Specific Blog’s Formatting

I love how this site has become all about me talking about formatting another blog.

That’s not sarcasm, mind.  The fluid nature of things here keeps the blog interesting.

That said, let’s look at the evolution of the sister site’s famed reboot.

Back on January 27 I was considering this:

This is how the site should look on the Devil Boxes.

Due to an incompatibility with what I wanted to do, the theme was ditched.  Soon after that (two days!) went the main meat of the page.  Replacing it was this:wcr main page 2015 003


This lasted all the way to March 1st, when the light dawned and I came up with yet another this is bestest way ever to do the site.

If you toddle over there as of this writing, you’ll find this:

WCR Format

Note I’ve reverted to no text at all.  Also, we have buttons beneath the poster that will take you to the posts in question.  The darkened buttons have no links yet and will be replaced each and every update.

Because I love extra work.

Future changes: I don’t like the header.  Too much empty space at the top.  It can stand for now, but it has to go.

I also want a Coming Soon section, but that’s for when I have a buffer.  Something that seems like a far off dream.

Anyways.  This week we’re talking Friday the 13th the Ever So Necessary Reboot.  Next week, assuming God hasn’t struck me down (please God I never asked for much), I’m reviewing my least favorite movie, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave But Not Really, That Would Have Been A Better Movie And WE COULDN’T HAVE THAT, NOW COULD WE?  After that, it should be Dark Crystal, Horror Express, and whatever.

Look, I’m thinking three weeks ahead now.  My brain feels like its frying out.

What matters is that the format is what I want, looks decent (let me know if not), and things seem to still be moving forward.

Now if I could come up with original posts for this site…


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