Please Don’t Torture the Sample Blog Pages

Forget the last set.  Check these out:

Here is the main page.
Here is the main page.
And here's a sample page.
And here’s a sample post.

While I think I might add a “Coming Soon” image to the list (or replace the “Also Playing”) I also think that’s about it for messing with site design.  That should be ready to go when I reboot.

Now what needs to be done is working on a buffer.  Meaning get enough old reviews up to snuff to keep content coming on the weekly while I work on new stuff as well.  Should I get enough new stuff in the hopper, I might enlarge the coverage, as it were, and burn through the old stuff.

Or I can go old-new-old-new.  Or old-old-new-old-old-new.  It’s whatever I want, really, right?


In any case, the first three or so olds (Cathy’s Curse, Night Evelyn Ruined My Life Oh God Why Did I Watch It, and Horror Express) will be like new, as I’m rewriting them with the more modern style in mind.  So there’s that.


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