KBRS (II) – The Rubber Band by Rex Stout

A decades old debt might get a young woman killed if Nero Wolfe can’t figure the matter out.

Nero Wolfe Rubber Band 000This little bit took entirely too long to write, and for no more reason than laziness.  Or perhaps I stopped to sniff the orchids.

As a rule, Nero Wolfe isn’t really under the purview of this site.  Nothing preternatural goes bump in the night, no elves hang around muttering about dwarves, and robots aren’t even hinted at.  However, this is the most recent book I read on the Kindle after The Snake, thus it goes up next.

Simple how that works.

I’m a big Nero Wolfe fan, and this is a Nero Wolfe novel.  I enjoyed it.  It doesn’t rate with the better ones (such as The Doorbell Rang, to throw out a name) but then again it is the third novel in the series.  The best, as it was, was yet to come.

Next time, should there be no further sloth (ha. ha. ha.) I’ll touch upon a classic of Horror.  Or blather pointlessly about one topic or another.  Who can say.


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