Kindle Book Review Series (KBRS) (I) – The Snake by John Godey


A dangerous snake runs loose in New York’s Central Park

Snake 000This one I was deeply, deeply excited to get.  I first ran into it back in my youth as a Reader’s Digest Condensed book.  Never read it, except for the end.  Looking back, I figure this was probably for the best.

I was expecting something like a Horror story, but it isn’t.  It’s more of a procedural, detailing the snake’s time in Central Park and the effects it has on the city.  There’s no real protagonist, unless you count the snake, which, I suppose, you could.

Godey does an excellent job with the tale, I think.  The characters are compelling and believable.  And, because it’s a Seventies tale, it has a suitably downbeat ending.  You can guess what it is long before it gets here, despite Godey’s hiding of pronouns.

Ultimately, I sort of thought this was the kind of novel Peter Benchely might have written had he a second chance with Jaws.  Godey treats the snake as an animal and not some sort of monster and its final fate is most pitiable.

Good book to start the series off in.  Let’s see how much more I can do.


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