Ad Assault

So guess who was inches away from leaving WordPress forever?

Nah, skip it.  I was.

Ticked doesn’t describe it when I go on to my home site and see this fecking nonsense cluttering up my site:

Ad Assault 000

And over at the Sister Site as well:

Ad Assault 001

Now I like to think I’m a good sport.  WordPress is hosting this site for free and all, so an ad placed somewhere on my page for them to profit from is far from unreasonable.  I’m good with that.

But the above?

Best of all, every time I open a post, EVERY TIME I OPEN A POST, a fecking new tab, pop up or pop under will open.

And yes, feck is the new swear of choice for Mr. Waters.  We are all going to have to deal with this fecking phase until he gets over it.

In any case, too mad to see straight, saying “Feck it” a lot, only you know, with the “u” and not the “e”,  and planning on a quick migration back to Blogger.  There I could at least edit my background over and over again.

As if I had no life.

Which I don’t.

But never mind that, either.   What matters was I was on my way out.  One nasty note away from going bye-bye.


I said I was inches away from leaving.

What changed my mind?

Going to my Twitter and seeing this:

Ad Assault 002

That’s the same ad company that was hounding my somewhat beloved blogs.

Something new has been added.

I’ve checked via tablet and I’ve checked via Explorer, and do you know what I found?


Ad Assault 003

This is the usual way WordPress tries to earn money off my site.  Not giggly bout the ads, a little shaky on where they’re placed, but neither here nor there.  This is where it’s supposed to be.

So I’m no longer angry at WordPress.

Mozilla Firefox, my web browser, on the other hand, I might be telling to feck off in the next couple of days.

Though probably without an “e” and a bit of a “u”.


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