Ad Assault (II): The Updatening

While I posted the last post, I was doing a little scan of my Devil Box looking for the nastiness being on the Internet sometimes puts you in contact with.  This was started early as I wanted all bases covered before abandoning WordPress, and continued because it hadn’t been done in a while.

Net result?  Almost seven hundred questionable items.

I’m just going to set this here:

That’s no doubt funnier if you know about Homestar Runner, but yes.  I’m most definitely feeling like Strong Bad right about now.

Removing my legion of uninvited guests had a strange bonus effect: the ads on my site no long appear while using Mozilla Firefox.

Which is great.

Problem.  Why did they appear in the first place (above and beyond my incompetence not withstanding, natch)?  Why was it only Firefox that had the problem on my Devil Box and not Internet Explorer, too?

Net result is still the same: I’m most likely ditching Firefox as my browser of choice.  I just have the ever so welcome addition that I’m an idiot to go with that.

And 2015 was looking like such a good year, too…


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