I’m not bragging, but I got a BRAND NEW DOCTOR WHO HAT for Christmas.

He he he he.

Anyways, I had another picture to show off.  The extended family gained another member last year, one of the four legged variety.Molly 000

That is Molly, a cockerpoodle.   Or cockeroodle.  Or whatever.  She’s rooming with the Dread Cousin Emily, poor thing, but she handles it well.  The day I met her (Christmas Eve), she was Great Explorer Dog, going all over the place being held by everyone, that sort of thing.

Next day, that puppy was too pooped to pop.

But not too pooped to snuggle up to my BRAND NEW DOCTOR WHO HAT.

That Molly girl knows class when she sees it.

(For the curious, Molly was back to her old self that very afternoon, taking on another dog at least three times her size.  Go Molly go!)


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