This Will Be Known As the Year Cullen Didn’t Remember a Single Damn Anniversary

I’m sitting here typing away at an essay I may or may not publish over at the sister site when, by chance, I notice a date on one of the reviews there.  A quick look reveals that, sure enough, I’ve been reviewing movies over there for five years.

Five years.

And I missed the date.

Yet another anniversary blown.

Okay, Future Ex-Mrs Cullen M. M. Waters, here’s what you need to do.  Make sure the wedding is on a date I can’t possibly miss.  The first of January, the last of December.  Labor Day.  Not April Fool’s Day as that’s my Mom’s birthday but St. Patrick’s Day might be keen.

Just something that might trigger my meager gray cells.

Unless you like it when I completely blow off special dates.

Cause baby, guess what?


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