I Admit It: Mistakes Were Made


Remember almost a week and a half ago, I came on this site to, I dunno, vent my spleen a little?  Maybe summon up some preternatural horrors to plague the uncaring world?  In a playful manner?  Because a movie I wanted to see (called The Babadook) wasn’t playing at my local theaters?



Today I found a single theater playing it, starting tomorrow.  Ten miles from where I live, but no biggie.



There’s that.

And, I suppose I really should apologize to [REDACTED] for using the Necronomicon to summon up the Sulien Goat.  Super sorry.  My bad.  I’m sure that those of you who have had your soul eating by that Sort-Of Good Middle Aged One will still have full if sociopathic lives.

In the case of the politicians, I doubt anyone will ever notice.




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