Godzilla 000
“For me? Why, you shouldn’t have. Really. Got plenty more of these back home.”

Godzilla Demotivator

I bet you think I’m going to do a lot of bad puns with this one, dealing with volt and amp and the like. Well ha! I currently conduct myself better than THAT!

Ghidorah 004
No he’s not trying to fly here. That’s another movie entirely.

v Hedora 013
Godzilla considered doing Hamlet’s graveyard scene (“Alas, Poor Yorick”) but as there were no Shobinjin there to translate, he decided to do seven verses of “Barnacle Bill the Sailor” instead.

I can’t believe I almost let this day go by. Absolutely disgraceful.



      1. That’s OK, Cullen. My math skills went by the wayside many years ago. (LOL) I guess that’s because I’m only a couple of years younger than Godzilla! If you want to see another example of this problem, just ask Godzilla to quickly tell you how old he is and see what happens. I bet he gives you a wrong number…

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