This is Upsetting

I’m watching next week’s film for review, pausing as I always do to take notes on what’s happening/my impression of the film.  The ending seems a bit disjointed, so I’m making with the snark.  A little upset, too, as up until this point I was enjoying the (admittedly bad) movie.

Then, after one pause, it jumps right to the end scenes.

It’s been doing this throughout the end and, being unfamiliar with the film, I didn’t realize it.

Maybe it’s been doing it through the entire movie.

I don’t think so, as I haven’t noticed any jumps, but that’s beside the point.  Why the hell is the movie doing this?

I’ve never had problems with the media player I’m using?  Could it be the disc?

I’m thinking of pausing for now, then coming back later to check on anything I might have missed.  But really, this is upsetting.


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