More From the Department of Dunno Whether to Laugh or Cry

Two weeks ago I got a message from WordPress dealing with a minor triumph of mine.  And, you know me, not wanting to toot my own horn (new review over at WCR on Friday!) I sat on it.  But I figure now was the perfect time to reveal:Follows 001

If this trend continues, based on past data, I should surpass this achievement sometime in December or January, moving the “most follows” record up to a grand total of four.  While this is nice and all, I wouldn’t mind it if I knew just why the follows were increasing.  If, say, some sort of comment was attached.  Might give the event more meaning.

But that’s a wheeze for another day.

In other either vastly depressing or vastly humorous news, I discovered that I had in the previously linked post had the word “Department” spelt as “Deptartment”.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Perhaps a .gif might do it:


Yeah.  Yeah, that about sums my feelings up on the matter.


4 Replies to “More From the Department of Dunno Whether to Laugh or Cry”

      1. Nah. I’ve been following you for years (literally), from Tennessee to the Philippines. These days, I just indulge in my sadness regarding everyone else’s accomplishments. But at least I have my good looks. That’s something. Right? RIGHT? (H
        e said as a lone carabao moans in night’s humid air – mocking him ever so mournfully. As the last candle extinguishes…)

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