OH EM GEE PART DEUX! Two Reviews Ready to Go!

So with surprising speed I wrapped up a second review.  This one (shockingly enough) is of an actually feature film and not a short.

Imagine the novelty!

All that needs doing is transferring the file over from my word processor to Word Press (a process that has become a pain in my butt), making sure all the links link, the captions caption, and the formatting formatted.

What about proper spelling, grammar, and making sure the review makes sense?  Who cares?  I’m sure somebody else will come along and fix all of that stuff later on.

(Which is true, if you consider Future Cullen to be a separate person from Current Cullen.  Current Cullen certainly hopes this is the case.  If it isn’t, that strongly suggests that neither is Past Cullen, and Past Cullen was a lazy jackanapes.  Current Cullen has been correcting the reviews Past Cullen wrote and the errors HAVE NO END!)

Silliness aside, this coming Friday features the short film The Contraption.  Next Friday will have The Amazing Transparent Man (small spoilers: it ain’t that amazing).  The Friday after that, with any luck at all will also have a review.  Maybe The Cremators, maybe some Slasher flick or another.  Or perhaps another real short film or TV show episode.  Haven’t noodled it out yet.


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