On 26 September 2014 (or September 24, 2014, or 26/09/14, or….) Welltun Cares Reviews hobbles back to life with a review.

One review.

Not quite three pages long.

Of a seven minute short film.

Well.  It’s a start…



  1. Hi Cullen – It would appear that I’ve been a bit negligent in my online readings and have just added your review site to my “Bookmarks”. Good stuff, there. For example, I found it pretty cool that you dug up (pun intended) “The Curse of the Faceless Man”. I haven’t thought of that one in quite a few years. I originally saw it back in the early 60s on “Chiller Theater” (Saturday nights – Channel 11 – WPIX in New York City). It bored me back then 🙂 – But, still a cheesy classic 🙂

  2. Not sure boring fits Curse any more than classic does. 😉 While it’s no winner, it has more going for it than, say, Octaman or Zombie Lake, my person champions of boredom.

    Hopefully next week’s review (a term I might be stretching here) with be as entertaining. My plan is to use the in-between times to work out some sort of buffer, but who knows with that. I’ve spent the past few months fighting with (and losing to) The Giant Claw of all things, so who knows if the next flick will actually make it up or not.

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