Mild Doctor Who Musings or Cullen’s Too Cheap to Buy the DVD or HAVE YOU SEEN JUST HOW MUCH THESE DISCS COST?

There’s something indescribable about watching a Classic Doctor Who episode I’ve never seen before.

It’s like rounding out the Godzilla series, or reading the end to a Spider-man story I only got part of as a kid.  It’s a little slice of magic in a day with far too little magic in it.

Only it’s a little better than that.  Because Godzilla and Spidey, they’re all there.  Doctor Who isn’t.

The most recent Doctor Who I watched was The Moonbase.  The Cybermen’s second appearance.  It’s a fun story, but I can’t say it’s that good.

Which is true with most Cybermen stories, sad to say.

Doctor Who Web Fear CoverToday I started Web of Fear.  One episode.  Maybe I’ll watch the next tomorrow, maybe next week.  So far it’s a wee bit hoaky mixed with typical BBC Sci Fi goodness (and a dollop of Jewish stereotype for good measure, sad to say.)

Still, it’s Doctor Who.

It feels like I’m reliving my childhood in a way.

Up to a point.

I’m watching the show on Hulu.

Which means commercial interruptions.

Which is a sin against God and Man!


It’s just bad form, old boy.


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