And I’m Back None the Worse For Wear… Save the Head Cold. And Being Tired From Driving Cross Country. And Forced to March Down a Bijillion Steps. But I’m Not Bitter. No.

Blog Master Jake 001

Even running a blog as, shall we say, non-taxing as this one can wear a body out at times.  Still, Jake managed to captain the ship with flying colors and is now enjoying a well-earned rest.  Good dog!

Of course, there was a wee problem while I was out.  Seems like Jake figured out how to get to the editor and even type how to with his nose, but not how to publish his efforts.  I only know about his hard work due to WordPress’s auto save.

And hard work it was.  Because he kept trying even after failing.

I have fifty drafts on my dashboard to prove it.

All titled Bark.

All about ten thousand words long.

And every single word of it bark, woof, or variation there of.

I dunno what you guys did, but he certainly wanted to tell you off about it…


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