And Lo! The Order Changeths!

As mentioned previously, I’m going on vacation.  I’m taking Brother Eric back to Prescott so he can make some final preparations for his move back here.  This means in whole an absence of services for both this blog and Welltun Cares Reviews.

And before the snickering can start about “services” (especially in WCR‘s case, where I’ve missed three updates in a row) I’m going to point out that I’ve done behind the scenes stuff in the recent weeks.  In the main this means correcting the copious grammatical and spelling errors (I swear to God if I ever get an editor I’m going to cause him/her a nervous break down with the sheer volume of the damn things.) I want the sites as readable as possible.


It’s my hope and dream.

My crazy, quite unlikely hope and dream.

But I digress.

I’ve also started another insane project called “reformatting the reviews”.  While at this time I refuse to make each one of them completely conform to the full current standard, I’m making sure each one at least meets the “page length” standard.  Meaning each page is no more than a sheet and a half in length sans images.  To complete the analness of this paragraph, that sheet happens to be 8 1/2 by 11.  So you know.

Oh, and I’m adding Next/Previous links to ease movement through the pages.

I haven’t gotten far in doing this (and in fact it’s been a little whenever wherever) but a good example of what I’m doing can be found on my very first review, Cathy’s Curse.  I went from having a review with 3 pages of indeterminate length to one with nine pages.

That’s right.

Nine pages.

On Cathy’s Curse.

Where the reviewer owns to actually liking the movie.

You may begin goggling in horrified disbelief… now.

In any case, I will be gone.  But fear not!  I have arraigned for someone to take care of things in my absence.  It is an old debt that needs repaid, but it will be.  In spades!

Here is your new blogging master overlord:

Blog Master Jake 000
“Hi! I’m Jake! I rule!”

As of August 9, he will be watching.  He will be disapproving of what you do.  And there will be barking.

So much barking.


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