State of the Blog Post #1579

It’s probably a sad statement of my blogging inspiration that I’ve been looking through my spam for things to talk about.

But y’know.  Shallow period.

In lieu of something, I dunno, entertaining to write about, here’s what’s going on in my life:

  • Saw Guardians of the Galaxy.  Liked it.  Approved of its existence.  Look forward to the sequel.
  • Cousin Megan (she of the tonsil problem some years ago) got married Saturday.  Which meant family get together.  Which meant seeing Cousin Emily.  Which meant calling her sobriety into question.  Which meant having to do so in a near shout while pointing an accusatory finger.  Which meant it had to be right at the exchanging of vows.  As one does.
  • I’m heading south in the near future.  Probably not related to the previous bullet, probably a vacation already planned, but the timing is good.
  • On my birthday received a collection of every Gamera movie ever made, save the most recent one.  Good deal.

And that’s about it. I think.  Nothing noteworthy, nothing exciting.  Just life.

Which I’ll take right about now.  Thanks.


3 Replies to “State of the Blog Post #1579”

    1. I hope the current post sheds some light on those for the next week or so. I also hope for another update at the sister site, but that’s been a goal I’ve had for three months now and I haven’t hit it yet.

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