Brother Todd Didn’t Like the New Transformer Movie

Tuesday, Bother Todd went to see Transformers: Age of Extinction.  He has since cursed God and is now waiting for death.

Actually, he wants me to tell you not to say that.  He believes it makes the movie sound too good.

Right now he’s watching the original Transformers series.  Not the newer ones with the good animation and quality plots.  The very first series.

He says he’d call the difference between the series and the movie like the difference between Lord of the Rings and The Eye of Argon, except that would be insulting to link a quality work like The Eye of Argon to what he’s begun calling “That #2!$ Film.”

Personally I’m glad he’s started watching the series.  The blood now just trickles from his eyes instead of the gush it had been since he went to the movies.  In time there might be a full recovery.

A second viewing and reappraisal of Transformers: Age of Extinction is doubtful.  For some reason.


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