Quick Glance: One Piece

What do you get when you cross Plastic Man with your standard Anime story about a brash young man with a seemingly impossible goal?  Why you get One Piece, that’s what.

That’s probably a gross oversimplification of the series.  However, I’ve watched one episode of it and that’s the easiest way for me to sum it up.

One Piece - Monkey D Luffy - 000
Future pirate king or future ax murderer? Cause with that look…

  The main character, Monkey D. Luffy (God, what a great name) is your typical anime scamp who dreams big: namely to become king of the pirates.  He lives in a mildly goofy world (or, rather, the first episode struck me as mildly goofy) and protected by an enchantment that makes him stretch like rubber.

While it doesn’t grab me at this juncture, I can see why it’s a popular series.  Luffy is likable, the episode was fun, and the series promises to be fun.  Yet for whatever reason I’m not hooked.

I’ll try more at another time, but don’t regret the visit.

Unlike my time with Asura Cryin’.

But I’m not still bitter about that.



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