Memo to Self: The Horror Novel With the Sword You Keep Looking For is “The Search for Joseph Tully”

Search for Joesph Tully 001I don’t understand how my brain works.  I really don’t.

You mention Progeny of the Adder, I can tell you it’s a vampire novel, written around the same time as The Kolchak Tapes (the novel that became Night Stalker.)  Never read it, but I can tell you that.

However, give me a novel I enjoyed, a novel whose ending still haunts me, and I can’t for the life of me tell you its name.

It’s sort of like Afterward.  Except with Afterward, I had an out in it being an episode of PBS’s Mystery.  This I wasn’t so lucky on.

You might notice Mr. Waters being coy with what the book (The Search for Joseph Tully, just like it sez in this post’s title) is about.  Don’t want to give any spoilers.  I just remember it being very good.

And the end sticks with you.

So,  as to remember, here is a reminder for myself.


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