From the Department of Things Only Cullen Laughs At and Undoubtably is Wrong About

You know the drill.  Surfing the web, not finding enough new Power Girl images to look at, yadda yadda, yadda, I find this:

Sins Remembered 000

Now I know who that’s supposed to be.  That’s supposed to be Gwen Stacy, Spider-man’s doomed True Love.  And maybe it is.  I never read the comic the image it came from.

Which is this:

Sins Remembered 001

Reason I didn’t read it is because it’s the direct sequel to one of the worst Spider-man stories of all time: Sins Past.  A story in which one of the most important, tragic episodes in Spidey’s history (and maybe in the history of Marvel Comics) has a dump taken on it by a group of people who, to be kinder than they deserve, really should have known better.

A story which, fun fact, was one of the reasons I started this blog for.  I was going to write a nasty essay about it.  Rip it to ever loving shreds.  Once it stopped infuriating me beyond words.

Which it hasn’t.

I mean, not ever.

One of the dumbest thing created by smart people I have ever encountered in my life.

Closest thing I came to doing it was an abortive essay series that I connected with Power Girl, of all characters.  I’m not linking that, mind you.  It’s another dumbest thing created by an allegedly smart person.  I cringe every time I see it.

But I digress.

Why I bring this article up, and this image up, is the following.

I haven’t read the issue, but I’m fairly certain that the girl up there isn’t supposed to be Gwen Stacy.  Instead, it’s her eight year old daughter Sarah.

Don’t… don’t ask.  You’re really better off not knowing.

There was a big ta-do about it when it came out (as you might think) and the actual scene, from what I’ve seen on the web, isn’t nearly as bad as all this.

The fact it could happen at all was bad enough, but it was a little chaste, a lot more one-sided kiss.

Point is, not Gwen.  And, to my mind, not a memorable woman in Spider-man’s love life.  Which made me laugh.

Because I’m like that.

Of course, I haven’t read the web article, either.  It might not be a mistake; they might actually be referring to the child that shouldn’t have been if anyone been using their heads for something other than a hat rack at the time God damn it.

In which case, yeah, Sarah would be a memorable entry in Spider-man’s love life.  What with her being eight years old and all.

But with the kiss being broken off by Spidey in rapid fashion (because, again, eight year old in sexy grown up body), it still strikes me as funny stuff.

Maybe I’m just desperate to get something else positive out of that crap story.

Outside this blog.

That no one other than me really reads.


2 Replies to “From the Department of Things Only Cullen Laughs At and Undoubtably is Wrong About”

  1. No one, huh? That’s okay – You’ll feel differently later. But don’t concern yourself – that was just a poorly stored object that fell inside your closet a few minutes ago…

    1. Don’t.. don’t make things hiding in the closet jokes. That’s where Harv lives. I’ve been two years without a visit, I don’t need him checking up on me. Let him go bother some other kid like a good boogey man should.

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