Phat Godzilla or Fat Godzilla?

I really don’t understand American genre fans, so it should come as no surprise that Japanese fans flumox me. But I don’t understand how you can see this:

From the 2014 movie.  Natch.
From the 2014 movie. Natch.

and think, “Geez, he needs to lose weight.”

Yet according to Kotaku there are some who think a round of weightlifting might be in order. A few choice quotes follow:

Did he get fat?

His neck looks like an American football athlete’s.

Out of shape Godzilla

He’s gone Supersize Me.

That’s what happens when all you do is eat and lay around.

Did he gain weight?


He’s pudgy and cute.

That’s 1,000,000 tons of pure muscle right there, people!  He looks great!

You want a fat Godzilla, let me show you a fat Godzilla:

Phat or Fat Godzilla 001

Incidentally, in accordance with the previous essay, that’s not the American X; it’s the British one. It doesn’t deal with sex, just violence. Unless there’s a version of Godzilla out there that I haven’t heard of.

Quick last thought. There seems to be an awful lot of non Japanese in that poster. More so, I think, than in the American version. Wonder how many people were upset that the “cast of thousands” weren’t good, outstanding, cleavage exposing white people.



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