A Mind of Its Own – a Fiction

Again with the Writer’s Digest writing prompt! It’s like I don’t have a mind of my own to come up with these post!

The prompt:

A Mind of its Own: Your computer won’t shut down when you are getting ready to leave work at five. Instead, it is looping a message, and then attempts to tell you something. What is your computer doing?

This is a sequel to this story, if it matters. It shouldn’t, though.

“Honey, it’s happening again!”

“What’s happening?”

“The computer’s talking to me again.”

“Not the new one.”


“Nonsense words, or…”

“It says I’m going to die today.”



“Just as you’re going out to meet the new publishers.”

“Uh huh.”

“You ever think it’s not the computers but the store we’ve been buying them from?”

“Can’t be. I bought this from a different place.”

“Maybe it’s the brand.”

“Well it is the same as the last one.”

“What brand is it, I’ll check on line while you’re out to see if anyone else is having problems. Maybe they’ve got an answer.”

“Sounds good. Let’s see… it’s a… Yoonorite.”



“You spent good money on something called You No Write?”

“That’s the way it’s looking, yep.”

“Honey, don’t take this wrong way, but…”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know.”


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