Jesus Christ, When Did I Turn into Eeyore?

Everything about that last post is sooooo depressing.  I meant it a little lighter than that.  Dunno what I was thinking.

Oh well, better than being a braying internet jackass.  Which, sadly, I have been.

No links there.  At least not this post…

EDITED TO ADD: So I’m giving this post a quick look see for gaffes (habit, as spell check came up with nothing) when I notice the following in related (it may even still be there):

Related 000

A clay woman with her face in her own guts and a depressed Aquaman being accused of killing his own son by his wife.  What does that say about my life?

Or at the very least this post?

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: So I checked related again to see if the same posts were linked, and the following popped up.  Arrow points to the… er… focus of this particular point.

Related 001

Is this WordPress’s way of trying to cheer me up?


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