Smile! Doncha Just Love Smileys!

🙂 😀 🙂 😉 🙂

You might notice a sudden uptick in smileys around here.  Like right at the top of this post.  That’s because you’re very observant.  You should be proud.

Snark aside, I don’t use smileys a lot.  In fact, that series above might be the most I’ve ever done in a post before.  I try to let my words speak for me.  If you can’t tell my intent without a string of superfluous symbols at the end, then I’ve failed.

(Of course, you might not be “getting” what I’m saying, too.  That’s always possible.  But come on.  What are the odds?)

😐 :\ 😐 >:D 😐

The cause of this sudden outburst of typographical emotion is in part that WordPress has added new artwork for their smileys.  I thought hey!  Why not have a little fun with them since they’re there?  Might make for a fun blog post.

That’s another part of why I’m doing this, incidentally.  Another blog post.  Blogger’s block had set in, or, rather, writing outside the blogs has been going so smooth I don’t need to write here or at the other site.  Thus I sat though St. Patrick’s Day and the Ides of March, two times that are usually certain posting, without out saying something here and I was feeling a little guilty.

Not a lot, mind.  When writing is happening I’m almost always happy.

However, this isn’t the full reason why this post exists.

😦 😮 😦 O_o 😦

At the bottom of the WordPress post is the following message:

Bonus: We also created a few secret emoticons [smileys] for you to discover. Good luck finding them!

My first thought was that finally, finally, finally we got the smiley we all have needed in our lives at one point or another.  But no.  No, we’re still waiting on that one.

But a more serious concern is that now I’m a little nervous writing anything.  What string is going to produce these hidden smileys?  What if I type out something like and have some g’dawful image pop up?  Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be?

As if my feeble grasp on grammar and spelling weren’t bad enough.  Am I right or am I right?

Don’t get me wrong.  I know that something like my example won’t be used. I mean, I can’t see any writer with sense ever using in anything of value or real quality.  But that doesn’t matter, does it?  Somebody might, as unlikely and as unthinkable as it is.

Face it.  is a tool. A tool gets used. It should be done without fear of personal ridicule or grief.

So let’s as a community write in to WordPress and ask them to show us at least which symbols to avoid.  Who knows?  Maybe one day we will all be typing without a sense of shame or personal regret.  Or the serious, almost inexplicable need to bath with scalding liquids.

It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it?

👿 😈 👿 😈 👿


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