Tales Written By a Young Fool Found by an Old One

So I got a new desk a few weeks ago.  It comes with a file draw.  Which inspired me to lose a decrepit filing cabinet filed with notes, drawings, and, in rare cases, finished stories.

MT and PGSome of the stuff is of recent vintage.  Art from the comic, art that I’ve put up on the blog (decent sample to the right), samples for me to “swipe” (drawing practice, don’t cha know) and the like. None of the notes are new; looking at them I wonder what I was thinking.  Two files consist of the same Krevan and Dredmor story (one with Dredmor, one without.)  Even more fun, notes on the same.

But where I get my chills, my thrills, are the old stories.  Some are just drafts.  Some, like the Krevan and Dredmor, are familiar friends.  Others…

I have the first Krevan and Dredmor story I ever wrote: Mother’s Day.  You can tell just how old it is as Krevan’s hair looks completely normal.

Two short stories, Three Wishes and The Duel, that I haven’t thought about for years.

The biggest thrill, though, is in finding Ghosties and Footstep on the Stairs.  My Lovecraft period, back when I was certain I was going to be a Horror writer.

Instead of what I became.  Namely an internet blogger with delusions of having delusions of adequacy.

It’ll be fun to see how well all of these hold up.

It also might be interesting to see if the old fool can work the young fool’s stuff into salable material.  Who can say?


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