Changing the Subject a Fraction… How About That Aquaman?

We’ve been doing a lot of talking about Related Links of late (starting here), and by we I mean just me.  I’m sitting right in my chair in front of the computer talking about Related Links to myself.  Nothing mad here.  Or maybe we’re all mad here.  BWHAHAHA yeah, I don’t think that was funny either.

Anyway, I had a notion of going through some of the more, let’s say needy links, the ones with no images at all, and adding at least one.  Y’know, to give the link a thumb nail and make it look more appealing.

One of the first posts I decide to do this with is Alas, Poor Aquaman.  No one super hero is quite as in need of boosting up as Aquaman is.  The butt of countless jokes due to his less than stellar appearances on the Super Friends cartoon show, he is in truth a decent enough hero in his own way.

That is, so long as you’ve never heard of Namor.  Namor kicks Aquaman’s ass.  But then again, Namor kicks a lot of superhero ass.  That’s sort of his thing.

Anyway, it’s a nice enough post, I thought I’d add an image to it from one of the many I already have on site.  I just type Aquaman into the search box and use what pops up.

I only have one.  Which is this:

Aquaman 000

That’s… That’s just wrong.

Maybe if I do a more extensive search of my archives, maybe I can find…

From Jimmy Olsen #115

Oh.  Oh my.  That’s… Wow.  Well, at least we know how he goes out.  I guess.

Okay, let me search the web and…

Sad Aquaman Underwater 000

Um.  There are no good pictures of Aquaman out there.  Are there?


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