Hey! My Eyes are Up Here… Somewhere…

Clear ImageWow.  This month has suddenly turned boob focused, didn’t it?  Second adolescence, maybe?


You might notice my lovely self-portrait popping up all of a sudden, to the left here and other places.  You might be wondering what’s up with that.

It goes back to something I joked about a few days ago.  Word Press has this nifty feature called Related Links (or something to that effect).  What it does is analyzes the current post and finds other posts on site like it.  I’m not quite sure on how well it works–over at Welltun Cares Reviews it’s choices seem pretty damn random–but I like it.

Where I’m having a problem is the thumbnails.

See, when analyzing the post (or whatever it’s doing; not a programmer I) it will take the first image it comes to and use it as a thumbnail.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always use the entire image when it’s doing this.  Also, it tends to take it from the middle.  Here is the first one I noticed:

Bitter Man 000

I found that amusing.  Clearly as, if you read the linked post, you’d have noticed the whole thing is set up with this image as a part of a punchline.

The problem is, is that this isn’t the only time this happens.  Observe:

Sample Related Posts 000

And yes, the one on the left is my wonderful Power Girl sketch, made even more wonderful by being placed near actual accomplished artists.

Now.  I am not a feminist.  I’m not opposed to 100% of what they say, but I’m not 100% on board with everything either.  Nor do I see things and instantly assume the worst.

This, though, looks bad, unintended as it is.

I’m going to take a day or so and add pictures to these posts to, I dunno, lower the headless chick count.

Just not with my lovely self-portrait.

Don’t wanna scary people away, after all…


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