Still Giving the Reader What He or She Wants That Doesn’t Cause Me Any Inconvenience At All

Power GirlSpeaking of Power Girl’s boobs…

Roughly two years ago I made the following revelation:

For the most part, [people] come [to Welltun Cares Presents] for the Power Girl.  In this blog’s history, I’ve gotten well over 35,000 hits for her alone, not counting the various misspellings and specifics (such as Power Girl boobs, Power Girl t***, Power Girl hentai, and, of course, thing on the fourble board (kidding; I mean Power Girl Sex.))

Seeing as how this blog is quickly approaching, what?  It’s eighth year?  That’s a sad, sad people who have coming here and left flummoxed and disappointed.  Imagine not getting whatever perverse satisfaction fulfilled from whatever site you chose to click on to.

It’s like this isn’t the internet any more.  Really, it’s a down right dirty shame.

Well, as fate would have it, the other day I was checking out the works of Wally Wood, comic artist extraordinaire and, as by coincidence, one of the creators of Power Girl.  And wouldn’t you know it, but he once drew PG in the altogether, save gloves and cape.

This is really about perfect, don’t you think?

So here is a picture Power Girl by Wally Wood:

The One Power Girl Image I Will Never Use Again

I hope this has given someone about as much perverse satisfaction in seeing it as it has me in posting it.

But some how I doubt it.



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