Not You Too, Word Press!

As of this writing Word Press has a rather neat feature called Related Links.  What it does is search your site for three posts that may relate to your current post and add links to them.  Being the ever so helpful bot, it will draw forth the first image it sees to use as a thumbnail.

Which might bring forth… interesting results.

For instance, I was looking at my last post, in which I carp about having to keep this blog up to date with You Tube.  Out of curiosity I checked which three posts popped up for that particular post.  In between a post detailing my follies of working with HTML and a link to a post I’d already linked to in the post there was the following image:

Chainsaw Maid 000

And you know what? That’s exactly what restoring all those You Tube links felt like after a while.

Now I stared at that image for a while trying to figure out just what the hell it was.  Oh I know, I could have just clicked on the link, but I lead an exceptionally boring life.  Little mysteries help spice it up.

The fact it was clay made it a very little mystery, as I soon realized it was the animated gore classic Chainsaw Maid.  Don’t bother looking it up; I don’t mind having it pop up a third time here:

Gory fun for every one!

Anyway, my original thought was to take the earlier image and add an addendum to the You Tube Madness post about it.  Only I (funnily enough) had the urge to check the linked post to make sure that the Chainsaw Maid link was still good.  Because now and then I want to watch a clay maid battle off hordes of zombies.

Really, who doesn’t?

That fear allayed, I had a flare of curiosity and checked the Related Links for that post, too.  Hanging off at the end was a link to the post I hate most on this site.  No, I will not offer a link.  However, I will point out that it displays the following picture:

My sketches suddenly look better for some reason...

I hate this picture.  Power Girl has this horribly vacuous expression on her face.  On this, her boobs are on the grotesque side of huge for me.

Needless to say, more than half the hits to my site are looking for this very picture.

I mean this site has hundreds of… er… dozens of Power Girl pictures that are so much better than this.  Some of which even drawn by me.  It’s just a crying shame none of them get the…  Well, love is the wrong word.  Exposure?

Small digression, there.  The point is that this is the first image that particular post has on it.  So Word Press capture it as a thumbnail.  Only it didn’t grab the full picture:

Bitter Man 000

Oh Word Press.  Word Press, Word Press, Word Press.  What are we going to do with you?


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