Memo to Self: You Tube Madness

One of the problems with writing essays on the web is linking other sources.  Just because it’s there today doesn’t mean it will be there tomorrow.  That’s the fluid nature of the internet.

This problem goes double with a site like YouTube.  You link something with copyright infringing material (or material that just seems like it infringes) and there’s a very good chances that it’ll vanish.

Now on a site that’s, let’s be kind, not over burdened with popularity, you’d think this wouldn’t be much of a much.  Trouble is, even if it’s infrequently visited, this site does get visitors.  You want everything to be on the up and up so that may, just maybe, they become repeat visitors.

Fortunately I don’t link YouTube very much, for the above reason.  Unfortunately, when I do… heh heh.

This is just a long winded way of saying that I just spent twenty minutes looking up Spider-man openings for The Many Faces of Spider-man.  And that I probably will again so long as I keep up this blog.

Joy.  Rapture.


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